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Heartfelt Leadership for Social Change

We strongly believe that sport and business are powerful, and underutilised, vehicles for social change. We’re excited to start sharing more about the ways sport and business can create social impact; leading by example, and with our hearts.

This year, as the world, and the sporting community as a whole, faced major disruption and hardship, our belief grew even stronger, and we took immediate action.

How We're Creating Social Change

Led by our brand, our vision and our values we joined the #PlayForLives movement led by Craig Foster and BeCollective. This campaign is focused on getting athletes and sports organisations to step into volunteer positions left vacant due to COVID-19. We contributed our expertise to the campaign, creating resources to help onboard athletes, engaging sports organisations and promoting the campaign through our own channels.

And ongoing, we have partnered with Craig Foster and Amnesty International Australia in the Game Over campaign that aims to free refugees trapped in indefinite detention by the Australian government. Our Founder, Vickie Saunders, is passionate about human rights and she has been involved in refugee and asylum seeker activism for the past seven years. We’re proud to stand with her and this campaign to call #GameOver and get these people to safety.

"Humanity is what I stand for and will always fight for. My message is that if your rights are being abused, I’ll stand for you too. We are in this together." — Vickie Saunders, Founder 

The Game Over campaign is something Vickie and the entire TBB team is passionate about and believe strongly in. We want to encourage YOU, to actively seek out opportunities where your brand — your passions, values, message to the world — can help create purposeful and meaningful social impact.

"Everyone has the right to be heard and social impact allows athletes and organisations to put their words into action." — Glenn Paul, Strategy Lead and Professional Golfer

Our focus is human rights, but yours might be animal welfare or LBGTQI rights and equality. Whatever it is, you have the ability to create social impact through the activities you’re already involved in — sponsorship, public speaking, ambassadorships, social media strategy, and more— that aligns with your vision and values.

"We all have two powerful tools for creating social change — our platform and our voice. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to use my toolkit in both my personal and professional life." — Charlotte Woods, Communications Manager 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about the Game Over campaign with stories and examples of social impact in action.

Before we go, we have a question for you. What is YOUR social impact focus? (Hint: it’s probably something you’re already passionate about.) You can leave us a comment below or reach out to as at hello@thebrandbuilders.com.au.

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