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The Brand Builders Rebrand Story

The Sponsorship Consultants, which has supported both local and global sports, athletes, businesses and the government space for the past 6 years, is now merging with The Brand Builders.

We never imagined that after launching our first business, we'd launch a second one (just 5 years later), or that within a year, we'd merge the two business together.

But that's exactly what's happened. 

We'd love to share the story of how this happened with you, because we think it's a reminder that change is a normal and great part of business and life. 

Where We S​tarted​

Vickie Saunders Singapore Sport Deloitte co-branded book launch

Co-branded book launched with Singapore Sport and Deloitte

As The Sponsorship Consultants, we've been working with organisations like the US Olympic Committee, Sport England, Singapore Sport, state government departments, businesses who sponsor sports, events, and athletes.

Over the years, we've achieved some pretty amazing things.

  • Launching a co-branded version of our book 'Sponsorship For Athletes' all across Asia, in partnership with Deloitte Singapore and Singapore Sport, as well as publishing a total of 4 books on sponsorship.
  • Developing educational programs for a range of clients, from a government initiative to reduce childhood obesity through the reduction of junk food sponsorship in sport, through to online programs for thousands of athletes to successfully engage sponsorship for themselves.
  • Being the only company in the world to offer education and resources that empower our clients, rather than taking a cut of the sponsorship earnings by putting into practice what they learn with us.


VIckie Saunders and David Grevemberg co-presenting a workshop

VIckie Saunders and David Grevemberg co-presenting a workshop for the Commonwealth Games 2018 ambassadors.

The decision to launch The Brand Builders came after working closely with Commonwealth Games CEO, David Grevemberg and the team at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. We supported their athlete ambassadors to confidently step into their roles by using their personal brands to guide their decision making and behaviour. 

We realised that no one else was teaching this in a way that truly empowered individuals, supported organisational objectives, and wasn't simply focused on leveraging that brand for financial gain (though that can absolutely be one of the outcomes of building your brand).

We have stayed true to our belief that individuals and organisations of all types and sizes have incredible value to offer, and are surrounded by abundant opportunities. 


What we've found is that operating two different, but complementary, businesses just wasn't making sense. The messages got muddled, our business cards got complicated, and email addresses...well, let's just say there were lots of reasons to re-brand!

But the main reason was that brand is really an umbrella that sponsorship sits under, along with all the other areas that we include in our education. Our approach supports public speaking and media skills development, storytelling, social media, career development as well as sponsorship and other commercial outcomes. 

And so we begin a new phase of our journey, but we bring with us the same team of amazing people, many of our clients from the past 6 years, as well as new clients, who are allowing us to share and contribute to their brand building journey. 

Our team has expanded over the years....and we'll be introducing everyone soon in a series of stories and insights into who we are and what we do!

The cool thing now, being The Brand Builders, we are more relevant to a wider audience. It's no longer just about sport, or athletes, or sponsorship. We are now able to contribute to the brand building journey of individuals and businesses in all industries. Although, we'll undoubtedly be drawing from our wonderful stories, insights and inspirations gained in the sports world.

We invite you to explore our new website and our athlete pathway education, Elevate. 

We look forward to sharing this new phase of our journey with you. 

And if you'd like to connect with us online please click on the icons below.