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Singapore Sport and Deloitte Success Story

About the projectWhen Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) CEO Bob Gambardella has an idea, he runs with it and makes it happen. When Bob and his leadership team at SSI met with Vickie Saunders of 

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She Science Success Story

About the projectTish Monahan, owner of She Science, was at the very first seminar that we delivered to business owners on the topic of “How Athlete Ambassadors Benefits Your Business”. Her retail

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The Ultimate List of Benefits Athletes Can Offer Sponsors

Looking for ideas on what to offer your sponsors? Here's our ultimate list of sponsor benefits to help you provide your sponsors with real, tangible value.How to identify what you'll offer sponsorsThe

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Protein Supplies Australia Success Story

About the projectWorking with Protein Supplies Australia it is immediately clear how passionate the team are, not only about their product (they manufacture natural protein powders) but about their

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How to Write a Sponsorship Letter

"How to write a sponsorship letter" is the most commonly searched for term on Google when it comes to athlete sponsorship. So let's unpack what a sponsorship letter really is and how to write a great one. What

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2023 Athlete Sponsorship Trends

Curious about what athlete sponsorship trends you should be incorporating into your strategy this year?Well, athlete sponsorship looks a little different to what it did ten years ago (and for the better). These

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