10 Winning Content Ideas for Athletes

10 Winning Content Ideas for Athletes

Two things drive every single social media platform: entertainment and connection.

That's why people login, hit follow and start scrolling.

We keep coming back to the online world because it offers us the opportunity to switch off, tune into someone else's narrative and connect. 

If you want your content to captivate your audience, think about how you can provide entertainment and connection through the posts you share. 

Not sure where or how to start? Give these 10 content ideas a go.
  •  Start a collaborative series or challenge on something you're interested in or passionate about (or something else fun). E.g. Do you love cooking? You could start a mini cooking show on TikTok where you get your team mates and fellow athlete friends to tell you their favourite meal and you have to recreate it from scratch. You could also start a series with athletes from other sports, trying out their training routine or drills and challenge them to try yours. The opportunities are endless!
  • Take your audience behind the scenes. Show them what a day in the life of an athlete looks like. What's normal to you is extraordinary to everyone else. Here's another tip – think about what makes your "day in the life" different from other athletes. E.g. Are you a medical student by day and an athlete by afternoon? Are you raising kids alongside a rigorous training schedule? Embrace the unique elements of your story.
  • Show off the more "unusual" parts of your sport. Are you an Australian Winter Olympian or Paralympian who has to train during our very hot summer season? Are there any funny or unexpected training exercises you have to do for your sport?
  • Share the funny moments and fails that happen on your journey. People tend to think of athletes as superhuman, so if you can share the more "humbling" parts of athlete life that not only entertains your audience, it also helps you connect with them. E.g. How many times did you "fail" at a skills exercise before you mastered it? 
  • Mindset tips and advice. As athletes, you're seasoned experts in building a strong mindset to help you excel in your sport and overcome challenges. Share what you've learned with your audience and make it actionable (i.e. something they can apply to their own life right away).

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  • Where you started versus where you are now. How did the journey begin and how did go get to be the athlete you are today? Share the journey with your audience and make it inspiring, motivational or educational for them. Did you start sport later in life? Did you want to become an athlete because someone inspired you? Did you face setbacks or challenges that meant you had to fight harder? 
  • The interesting or unique things you have to consider when traveling for competitions. Again, what's normal to you is extraordinary to everyone else. E.g. If you're a javelin thrower, how do you take your javelins with you? If you're a sailor, how does the boat get to the competition? Do you have to get up more frequently during the flight to stretch? Are there complicated logistics to figure out? Think about what's a little "extraordinary" about your travel experiences and share it.
  • What does life outside of sport look like? Your passions and interests outside of sport are an excellent source of content. (Yes, you heard that right – you don't need to only post about athlete life.) Do you love fashion and making your own clothes? Why not share all the cool clothes you're working on? Are you passionate about your job as a teacher? Why not share that part of your life! 
  • Recovery, nutrition, training tips etc. Athletes are viewed as trustworthy sources of information because of your unique lived experience. People love hearing about how you manage recovery, fueling your body and how you manage an intense training load. Share you tips, hacks and must-know information to educate your audience and again, find ways to make your content actionable. E.g. don't just tell them to eat more protein, show them recipes they can follow that are packed with protein. 
  • What do you LOVE about your sport and being an athlete? Is it the friendships? The constant challenge of trying to be better than you were yesterday? Why do you show up, again and again? Why do you love it? Share it with people and show them how passionate you are. Tip – make the message meaningful for your audience. Can they learn from what you're saying? Apply it to their own life? Resonate it with in some way? Make it something they can connect to or be inspired by.
The final word

As an athlete, you live an extraordinary life. Most people will never know what it's like to be an athlete but they are still fascinated by the journey. So share it with them.

These are just a few ways you can entertain and connect with your audience but the opportunities really are endless.

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