Unique Ways Athletes Can Leverage Their Brand

Unique Ways Athletes Can Leverage Their Brand

Your athlete brand can help you connect with opportunity and build a more enjoyable, sustainable pathway for yourself in and beyond sport. Here are five unique ways you can leverage you brand.
Online coaching and training programs

Many athletes gain a wealth of experience and insights through their time in sport. Why not turn them into an online coaching or training program? E.g. nutrition guides, leadership training, team building programs, workout plans, mindset training. Maybe you could run a program for other athletes? Thanks to the world going digital, you can now run these programs in-person OR online. 

Create your own events or experiences (virtual or in-person)

You don't have to wait for events to approach you! You can create events and experiences yourself. These could be in person events or virtual. E.g. Q&A sessions, a workshop or webinar on a topic you can share on (e.g. nutrition, leadership, overcoming adversity), a networking session for athletes and sponsors, an event for women in sport. The opportunities are endless. You could also team up with other athletes to create events, combine your networks and expertise to create a unique and unforgettable experience. 

The Athlete Speaker Playbook: How to Become a Paid Speaker

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Run workshops and masterclasses

Have you ever wanted to become a speaker? Are you currently a speaker looking to add to your resume? Adding workshops and masterclasses can be a great way to increase the speaking opportunities you can engage. Consider packaging your traditional keynote or "personal story" style speech into a workshop or masterclass. Could you run a workshop on resilience? What about a masterclass on mindset? Could your talk in working as a team become a team building workshop?

Create your own social impact initiatives 

In addition to working with charities as ambassadors, you can also start your own social impact initiative for a cause you're passionate about. You could hold events to raise money for a cause, start your own awareness campaign/movement online to spread a message, or even start your own foundation or fundraiser. 

MC or host events 

Got some speaking experience? Add to your resume and expand your skills by becoming a host/event MC. You can offer this skills to sports events, awards ceremonies, corporate functions, or charity galas. Because you're an athlete, and because you've got the speaking skills to boot, you'll make an engaging and unforgettable host! 

Ready to leverage your brand for speaking opportunities?

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