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How to Become a Sponsored Athlete

Looking for a simple guide on how to become a sponsored athlete? We've got you covered. Read on to find out what sponsorship is (and isn't), the types of sponsorship on offer, identifying what to

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What Makes an Athlete’s Brand Memorable

Unique. Some would say the word has lost some of its punch because of how frequently it gets thrown around.But in the world of athlete brand, "uniqueness" really matters.So what is it that makes an athlete's

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One of Those Cringe Moments in My Career

In the second year of running my athlete sponsorship education business, I was at a busy Sydney café, sitting across from the organiser of a very prestigious conference that I desperately wanted to speak

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How Brand Development Supports an Athlete’s Career

Ensuring athletes have a smooth (as possible) transition out of sport has never been more important. All the research shows there's big value in providing athletes with opportunities to develop their career

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