The Myths That Hold Athletes Back from Becoming Powerful Speakers

The Myths That Hold Athletes Back from Becoming Powerful Speakers

Athlete stories are in hot-demand. Businesses and events are on the hunt for powerful, confident athletes speakers who can inspire, motivate and educate their audience. 

There really is an abundance of opportunity waiting for athletes who choose to tap in. But, many athletes hold back from embracing their speaking potential because of long-held fears and reservations that the speaker world won't welcome.

So, let's smash some of those myths that hold athletes back from engaging with opportunity and sharing their story.

Myth #1 "I'm not high profile enough to be a paid speaker"

Athletes of all types, sports and abilities can engage paid speaking work. You don't need to be a high profile athlete, with millions (or even thousands) of social media followers to become a speaker.

Your story has value, regardless of how many people have heard it before. Your speaker journey might look a little different to that of a celebrity athlete, but there are plenty of opportunities available to athletes of ALL profile levels.

Myth #2 "I need to be a gold medal winner or a champion winning athlete"

Every story has value and can influence, inspire and move your audience. Winning a gold medal or winning a championship is a great story but it's not the only story worth telling. 

It's all about how you promote and package your story. Maybe you didn't win a gold medal, but do you have stories on resilience to share? Could share your take on overcoming setbacks or adversity? We're interested in more than just the stories that end in massive triumph. 

The Athlete Speaker Playbook: How to Become a Paid Speaker

Join us for a full-day speaker masterclass later this year in Sydney and Melbourne. We'll teach you how to craft a powerful presentation and engage paid work.

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Myth #3 "I don't have enough experience"

Everyone starts somewhere. Even the hugely successful speakers you see jet setting all over the world and getting paid big bucks to stand on stage had no experience at one point.

You likely won't start out by engaging paid speaking work. Instead, like with anything, you'll work your way up and build your resume of experience and testimonials. Schools talks are a great place to get some experience under your belt before you start charging for your talks. So, yes, you'll have to gain some experience first but there are plenty of opportunities for you to do that and hone your skills!

Myth #4 "It's too hard"

We get it, you're juggling a million priorities and responsibilities as an athlete, and adding a new plate into the mix can seem daunting. But the truth is, becoming a speaker doesn't have to be an overwhelming task.

The trick? Having a plan, understanding the speaking industry and know what the steps to success are. Often, that feeling of "it's too hard" stems from not really knowing how or where to even start the journey. 

That's where we can help! We're running a full day, interactive workshop in Sydney and Melbourne for current and former athletes on how to engage paid speaking work. You'll learn how to craft your story, storytelling and stage skills, as well as how the industry works, how to promote yourself and how to engage paid work.

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