How Brand Development Supports an Athlete’s Career

How Brand Development Supports an Athlete’s Career

Ensuring athletes have a smooth (as possible) transition out of sport has never been more important. All the research shows there's big value in providing athletes with opportunities to develop their career pathway during their sporting career. 

Brand development provides athletes with practical opportunities to test out their skills, broaden their network and increase their visibility. Here's some of the top ways brand helps athletes develop their career pathway. 


Through being exposed to a wider audience, athletes will be growing their network which can help them connect with future employers, mentors or get some great advice along the way.

Build a reputation

Brand helps athletes be known for something. Some athletes might be known as experts in a topic and others might be known for always being able to turn a negative situation into a positive one. They can communicate this through media, online activities, charity activations, sponsorships (and the list goes on). 

The benefit to their career? Potential employers will be able to get a real sense of who the athlete is and it can even help them attract employment opportunities. 

Develop skills

No matter what their brand development journey looks like, athletes will pick up valuable skills along the way. 

They might hone their communication skills, learn how to create content and carry a message. Others will perfect the art of networking and become experts at building great relationships. Some will become engaging speakers and facilitators. 

Profile growth

It's not the goal of every athlete, but many do seek to grow their profile as part of their brand activities. Profile growth can help attract employers and/or give employers a good sense of who the athlete is and how they'll fit into the organisation. 

Carry a message or support a cause

As part of their brand activities, athletes can choose to carry a message or support a cause they care about. E.g. mental health, animal welfare, women in sport.

These days, businesses consider more than just qualifications. They want to see real people who live full and purposeful lives. They're also often looking for future employees that align with their values and are a good cultural fit. By showing what they care about and believe in, athletes are able to tick that box.

Promote abilities

As part of their communication activities, athletes will have opportunities to promote their skills and abilities. E.g. They may engage media that showcases their public speaking skills or create an engaging social media presence that proves they're a savvy digital marketer. 

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