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The Athlete Brand Book -eBook


The Must Read Book For Athletes Of All Levels and In All Sports

The Athlete Brand is your simple guide to building your unique Athlete Brand.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • What Athlete Brand is and why YOU should know your brand
  • How to identify your brand
  • How to communicate your brand (where, how and why)
  • How to leverage your brand


Every Athlete Has A Brand....Do You Know Yours?

The Athlete Brand Book is unlike any other! Because we’re lucky enough to get to work with athletes just like you, from all around the world, we really understand what it’s like to BE an athlete.

We know that you are incredibly busy and you’re always trying to balance your life and find time for the things that are important to you. That’s why we’ve made this book a super-fast, easy and valuable read for you. It only takes about one hour to read!

The Athlete Brand Book is available on all devices! Download it to your phone, your laptop, your iPad, or your Kindle. Take The Athlete Brand eBook wherever you go; it’s super easy to pick up and put down.

Learn How Building Your Brand Will Help You:

  • Stand out on social media
  • Obtain more media coverage
  • Guide your behaviours on and off the sports field, helping you to become the athlete you really want to be
  • Navigate your athlete journey with self-awareness and confidence
  • Connect with the opportunities that are right for you, including scholarships, team selection and sponsorship

Real case studies of real athletes, just like you!

You’ll learn what building an athlete brand actually looks like through our athlete brand case studies. Throughout The Athlete Brand Book you’ll see actual athletes identifying, communicating and leveraging their brand. And guess what? They’re not all elite or famous!

You’ll see how easy and simple it is to build your brand and that every athletes brand is different and unique!