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What is an Athlete Brand?

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What is an athlete brand?

An athlete brand is the communication of an athlete’s uniqueness: it’s their story, their style, their interests and beliefs, their behaviours and values, and of course, their athletic pursuits and activities!

Why is it important for your athletes to know and be in charge of their brand?

Whether they’re training with teammates, competing at an event, speaking in front of a group of school kids, or being interviewed for a newspaper, they are making an impression. They are communicating their brand in everything they do, whether they are aware of it or not.

Some athletes dream of being famous or winning a gold medal at the Olympics, others just dream of having a great journey in sport. By knowing their brand and making the impression they want, your athletes will also able to connect with the right opportunities. They will also have a smoother, more fulfilling journey in sport and in life!

Athlete brand in action

Here are 5 athletes who we’ve had the pleasure of working with and are doing a fantastic job of communicating and actioning their unique brands.

What is an athlete brand? Theresa Goh.

Theresa Goh

We first met Theresa when she was nominated to appear in a special edition of our book Sponsorship for Athletes, and it was clear that Theresa was more than an athlete. More than a champion. She was and is an incredible ambassador for a range of human-rights based issues.

Theresa, with her sometimes pink, sometimes blue hair, her quirky and fun loving social media posts, and her absolute commitment to being an advocate for disability rights and awareness, is also an official  spokesperson for Singapores LGBTQIA  organisation Pink Dot, and of course, an incredible athlete having competed at 4 Paralympic Games.

What is an athlete brand? Shantelle Thompson..

Shantelle Thompson

Shantelle Thompson is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and Indigenous educator and 2019 NAIDOC Sportsperson of the Year.  As an Aboriginal woman, with 3 beautiful children, and a fierce determination to make an incredible life for herself and her kids, Shantelle has put everything on the line for her sport...because she knows sport is the vehicle that will allow her to create the life and impact she is destined for.

With her connection to Country, culture and self, Shantelle has developed her own business, and is busy working with football clubs, in prisons and detention centres, schools and with corporate organisations, teaching on trauma healing, leadership, and storytelling (as was passed down from her ancestors).

What is an athlete brand? Damon Jaenke.

Damon Jaenke

Damon Jaenke is a wheelchair basketballer and mental health advocate.  He is a cancer survivor, mental health warrior and an incredible athlete too. He's had his fair share of ups and downs in life, but Damon is determined to create positive impact for a cause close to his heart—mental health. 

For Damon, brand is pretty simple. He wants to do his bit in breaking down the stigma around mental health by sharing his message and story. 

What is an athlete brand? Trevor Hirth.

Trevor Hirth

Trevor Hirth was 29-years-old when he was spotted by an ex-Paralympian table tennis player at his local club and was told that he should try out for the Australian team. He did just that, and even became the Australian National Para Table Tennis Champion in an extraordinary rise through the para table tennis ranks.

Trevor isn't your typical table tennis athlete. His passion for rock music, and playing in a band, reveal themselves in his wild long hair, and beard (though he shaved this off for a charity fundraiser recently). He is hilarious, and if you follow him on social media you'll find yourself laughing and smiling frequently at his witty and interesting posts.

What is an athlete brand? Glenn Paul.

Glenn Paul

Glenn is a Professional Golfer, Coach, Mentor and Presenter with the Brand Builders and the PGA of Australia. We have been working with Glenn on his Brand and Sponsorship journey for a number of years.

Inspire, Educate and Achieve sum up Glenn’s Brand. As a Professional Athlete, he ensure his actions inspire others. As a Coach, he aims to educate the people he works with to allow them to become self-sufficient. As a Mentor & Presenter, he uses the skills and knowledge he has obtained throughout his career to help others achieve their goals.

The Athlete Pathway Webinar Series

For a fantastic 30 minute presentation for athletic directors and advisors, on the topic of Athlete Brand, click here.

What is an athlete brand? The Athlete Brand Book.

The Athlete Brand Book

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