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Strength Matters Success Story


Strength Matters is a UK based (globally operating) Fitness Education company with an annual turnover of $1.9M (and growing by 30% annually).

They have a highly engaged network of 30,000 fitness professionals, and the key elements of their business are:

  • Print Magazine
  • Podcast
  • Webinars
  • Live Events – Conferences and Certifications
  • Online Coaching


Strength Matters had developed a strong, diverse, global network during their first 3 years of business, but were yet to create any financial partnerships.

We went through the full process (6 months of consultancy sessions) and created all required documents including proposals, plans and databases.

Through a series of workshops and strategy sessions we identified:

-Potential partners and sponsors (local and global)

-A full suite of benefits that SM can offer across their multiple platforms and activities

-A strategy plan for engagement, which was focused on the most likely and suitable relationships as a priority.

Interestingly, we identified that advertising was more desirable to many of the companies we approached, so although we were offering almost exactly the same benefits, by changing the terminology from ‘sponsorship/partnership’ to ‘advertising’ we got an 80% improvement in uptake!

Key to the success of this project was the time taken before reaching out, during which we identified the right person to speak to in each organisation (through the SM network and also through cold calling, but with strategy and care taken to begin the conversation with an offer not a request).


Programme cost – $12,000 (our fees)


As of July 2019, Strength Matters have secured:

4 x Partners = $88,000USD

11 warm-hot current conversations = $140,000


The world of partnerships, advertising and sponsorship was a bit of a mystery to me going into the program. I knew the company had a lot of value to offer, however I didn’t know how to direct it or what to do with it in a way that could be easily understood by companies.

In the 6 month programme we broke the whole process down into easy manageable steps. I have to admit it was frustrating at first because it felt slow, I want everything yesterday, however, I very quickly realiSed the whole process started to build very quickly as a result of the groundwork and foundations we laid.

I now know how to find the decision makers and how to put the value of the company in front of the right people, in a way that is easy to understand and brings a “Yes”answer, way more than a “no”.

I also now understand that advertising and sponsorship is not just about what you can get, but thinking outside the box and focusing on the value you can bring to the table.

The results have been fantastic. In the initial 6 month period after the work with Vickie and her team alone we brought in close to $60,000. It’s been the best investment of my life.