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Presentation Skills for Athletes

Well, we've wrapped up another instalment in our Athlete Pathway Webinar series, and this time we unpacked presentation skills for athletes. If you weren't able to join us live, don't worry! You can watch the recording of the webinar here.

We have two more webinars in the series coming up on mindset with Joanne Love and storytelling with Shantelle ThompsonRegister here to attend the final two webinars in the series.

Here's a quick recap from some of the key points we covered during the webinar. 

Presenting is a power and valuable skill for ALL athletes

There are a myriad of reasons presenting is a great skill for athletes to hone. It can help them grow their profile, earn extra income, offer value to sponsors and so much more!

Every athlete can be a great speaker

Public speaking isn't just for an exclusive group of 'natural speakers'. If an athlete is shy or has no experience, they can develop this skill and build their confidence over time. 

A great speech starts with great content

It's not just about how you say it, but what you say. An athlete's brand (including their values, passions, message) provides a treasure chest of amazing speech content. Athletes should seek to work outside of the "Dream. Believe. Achieve." formula. You can watch our last webinar that goes into why this is a limiting approach here.

Athletes should always receive some form of value from presenting opportunities

Athletes should always aim to get one (or more) of the following forms of value from a public speaking opportunity: experience, evidence, payment, fulfilment or more opportunities. 

Don't forget to register for The Athlete Pathway Webinar series. We have two more webinars in the series coming up on mindset with Joanne Love and storytelling with Shantelle Thompson. Register here to attend the final two webinars in the series.

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