Personal brand for leaders

Build inspiring leaders with style and substance.

We help leaders bring their personal brand to life

Skills and experience are crucial as a leader, but it’s vital to have clarity on your personal brand.

Learn how to activate your brand to establish and elevate your profile, build and grow your reputation, carry important messages and create the kind of impact that matters to you.

Lead with clarity and purpose

Now more than ever, we need leaders who understand their unique value and are able to communicate it confidently, with heart and purpose.

We work with leaders from all walks of life, across a range of industries, and the thing that is true for all of them is that unpacking and getting clear on their personal brand is a game changer. 

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Why leaders need a strong brand


Connect and communicate more effectively

These days, leadership is all about being human, relatable and real. Your brand can help you communicate more authentically and create stronger bonds with the people you work with.


Establish yourself as a leader in your industry

Stepping outside your workplace and being a leader amongst leaders can be truly rewarding. It's good for you and it's good for business.


Be guided by your vision and create real impact

Use your 'why' to create a more purposeful, meaningful and rewarding journey as a leader.

About us

We’re not your average facilitators and mentors. We’re collaborative, honest and truly value what you do.

We think differently so you get the best outcomes.

We know our stuff. We’re not talking college certificates and degrees. We’re talking about practical solutions to your challenges.

And we're all about 'aha' moments that take your leaders to the next level.

It's time to put the purpose, meaning and mojo back into leadership

Inspire your leaders to be the best they can be with personal brand development

Discover our Signature Programs

Our one of a kind programs are designed to build your leaders confidence, establish their leadership style and give them practical guidance to elevate their leadership to greater heights. 

Start with our Foundation Program to establish key learning and then build by choosing any of our Builder Programs to keep your leaders engaged and working towards a common goal.

Ignite l Foundation Program

Identify your personal brand, ambitions and vision

Leaders explore and identify unique personal brand

Unpack and explore ambitions and determine a leadership vision.

Get curious about your personal brand elements and why they matter.

Explore and identify ways your personal brand can guide, support and influence your leadership.

Activate l Builder Program

Strategic and structured leadership communication

Unpack your unique personal brand elements and learn how to draw on them to create compelling content.

Learn how to develop a multi-purpose communications content library....and create your library!

Create a 12 mth communications plan that supports your personal, professional and workplace goals.

Impact l Builder Program

Harness your brand for purposeful outcomes

Identify a cause or outcome that matters to you and establish a personal project that supports this.

Learn how to develop a strategic activity and communications plan for your project.

Engage with new and existing networks, resources and events to launch and deliver your project.

Legacy l Builder Program

Develop a leadership legacy pathway

Raise the benchmark for your leadership by defining your legacy pathway to follow.

Keep established leaders challenged and engaged by connecting their vision with their everyday

Enhance your leadership journey by walking a pathway of purpose and create impact beyond your role.

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Case Studies

Helping Establish a New Team Leader

Sage had only recently formed this new project team, so the objective was to fast track the cohesion and demonstrated leadership dynamics within the team with the purpose of winning new work. The newly appointed leader was also brand new to the business...and the industry!

Stepping Into Clarity and Out of Self-Doubt

An exceptional senior leader felt like she'd lost her way through the sheer depth and breadth of her role, and we worked together to help her gain clarity on what matters, and how her own personal brand plays such a valuable role in her leadership within her team and across her industry. 

Personal Brand as a Development Tool

A senior leadership group of 5 were given mentoring and group workshops to explore, identify and put into practise their personal brands. We focused on highlighting and bringing to the forefront their strengths and passions but also giving time to areas that challenged or needed development.

Leaders United for A Purpose

The leadership team were on a mission to not only establish and communicate their personal brands as leaders, but to combine forces with their peers to create positive impact within the sport and general community, and to illuminate the pathway for future women leaders.

Leading the Growth of a New Business

Working with the founder of a unique and rapidly growing business, we assisted in helping define how his personal brand and communications activities could directly support and achieve business goals and needs.

Leading through a Pandemic

At the start of 2020 we were engaged to support the senior leaders of an organisation who had lost half their workforce. We brought fun and purpose to our 6-week online program, and empowered each leader with greater self awareness and clarity to lead with purpose.

Stepping Into A Place of Clarity and Purpose

Our work with a senior leader from Judo Australia focused on supporting self-reflection into who he truly is and who he wants to be as a leader, and help him bring that to life in practical and outcome-focused ways.

Women Leaders With a Disability

Our group workshop was designed to provide a process for existing women leaders living with a disability so they can further illuminate themselves and amplify their messages for purpose and for their own career progression and ambitions.

Ready to talk about Personal Brand?

What our clients say

I gained the confidence and ability to lead in my way. What seemed like a complicated situation was reframed using leadership as the unifying principle. I developed a clear plan of personal behaviours to achieve at higher levels by more consistent communication of my leadership style. 

Paul Nelson

Non-Executive Director, Judo Australia

We had a challenge of bringing multiple interstate people together into a single cohesive ‘one-team’ for a client presentation. The interactive video link program worked brilliantly. They loved the team and now we have a new key customer. empty text empty text

Chris Muir

General Manager, Assets and Operations, SAGE Automation

I loved that Vickie challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and pursue my passion for promoting physical and mental wellbeing and as result I did a presentation for my organisation then did a workshop for women leaders in my sector. Both were really successful. empty text

Kelly Nicholls

Director of Strategy, Fundraising and Communications, Refugee Council of Australia

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  • Brisbane, Australia
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