We work on all sides of the sponsorship table, from sponsorship seekers and sponsors, sports organisations, corporate and local businesses, to events, podcasts and government departments.

From grassroots sponsorship right through to facilitating and providing strategy for global B2B partnerships, we know what works.

We believe in abundance, and that opportunity is all around - but that it takes strategy and an effective process to identify, connect with and optimise these opportunities for mutual and sustainable benefits.

Our holistic approach is underpinned by a proven, effective and forward-thinking approach, and what our clients love most about working with us is that THEY become the experts as we teach while we collaborate, guide and lead.

Connecting your sponsorship journey with your organisations unique brand allows you to connect your values and vision in strategic and purposeful ways. You can achieve commercial goals, while also creating positive impact in your organisation,  community and beyond.

Let's Have a Conversation

We believe that all good relationships start with a conversation and we would love to connect with you via video chat, on the phone or over coffee and explore how our sponsorship expertise can benefit your organisation.

Your time is valuable, so we've compiled everything you need to know about us in one place, and we'll send you our resource pack to give you a deeper understanding of our work and how we can support your journey.

There's no hard sell and no spam. We care deeply about fostering strong, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.  

"Sponsorship has changed, it's opened up a world of opportunities and created better reasons to connect" 

We Care About Relationships

We work globally with sports organisations, from local clubs, to national governing bodies, professional leagues and right through to international organisations. We also work with government departments, individual athletes and on major events.

The relationships with have with our clients are extremely important to us. We passionately support their journey every step of the way and value the trust they put in us.

And we want to have a great relationship with you too. Whether that means sharing our free resources with you or working with you, we want to help you create positive impact for your organisation, club or even in your own life.

Sports Organisations 

We passionately support the needs and ambitions of sports organisations of all types, by providing education, strategy and resources for athletes, advisors, and programs.

Individual athletes

We offer support for athletes who may not be part of an organisation that we work with but want to create a sustainable pathway in and beyond sport. 


We love contributing the conversation at events all around the world, as keynote speakers, panelists, session hosts and workshop facilitators.


We work on state and federal government projects and initiatives that focus on sport, sponsorship, branding and cultural change.

"Your Uniqueness Is Your Most Valuable Asset"


Our education, strategy, mentoring and consultancy are tailored to each of our clients unique needs. 

We offer online, in person and hybrid delivery modes, including Elevate—our online learning space, which is a world-first in athlete pathway education.

We deliver outcome-focused solutions that respect your budget and logistics. The sport and business environment is every changing and we thrive in it's unique challenges.

Business people group works at a table - Table

our educational resources

Everyone's learning style and needs are unique. So we offer an abundance of digital resources, including videos, templates, tip sheets, masterclasses and case studies to support and enhance the workshops and programs we deliver.

We also have multiple books on sponsorship and brand, and would love to share our Resource Library catalogue with you.

We lead from the heart.


I now know how to find the decision makers and how to put the value of the company in front of the right people, in a way that is easy to understand and brings a “Yes”answer, way more than a “no”.

James Breese

Strength Matters, Global Fitness Education Company


We are now leveraging our athletes at a much greater level, we have them all “working’ for their sponsorship, which interestingly also has them more engaged with our brand.

Jodi Woodford

Saucony Australia


As much as this is a commercial exercise for us, the rewards that come from having honest and positive relationships with people is incredibly fulfilling, and I think everyone in the company benefits from this.

Mat Stilone

Protein Supplies Australia

We Live By Our Values

We put our values of Honesty, Compassion, Purpose, Conviction and Faith into action on a daily basis. We believe that values underpin both Athlete Brand and business.

Each week, our team complete a weekly values challenge that ensures we are actively using our values to guide everything we do. It's important to us that we lead by example and practice what we preach.

What you're going to love about us is we're real. And we're also really good at what we do. Unlike agencies, we work collaboratively with our clients. We focus on up-skilling and empowering them, and ensuring that they too are able to be guided by their values, deal with real issues and challenges, and connect with incredible opportunities.

And the best bit; we are committed to creating sustainability, which means that what we do together supports your current and future needs. 

Our Team

vickie saunders


Brand & Sponsorship Expert

By her own admission, Vickie is completely obsessed with teaching others how to connect with opportunity.

Author of 4 books, and a popular speaker at sport and business events, Vickie is fast becoming the world’s leading expert in brand and sponsorship education, and loves working with a diverse range of people and organisations.


charlotte woods

Community Manager, Brand & Sponsorship Expert

Charlotte is passionate about helping individual and teams of athletes succeed on their athlete sponsorship and brand journey. Curating and managing the online community of athletes who seek information about sponsorship and brand, she offers support, guidance and creative ideas for athletes of all types and abilities around the world. She is the co-author of The Athlete Brand.


Picture of Glenn Paul on a gold course



Strategy Lead,

Brand and Sponsorship Expert

Glenn is a Professional Golfer, Coach, Mentor and Presenter for the PGA of Australia. He has a passion for educating and supporting the development of individuals and organisations in their sponsorship journey. His first-hand experience with sponsorship and branding enables him to mentor athletes through the process of brand building as well as provide guidance on sponsor relationships.


Our Partners

shantelle thompson


Mother of 3, and a world champion athlete in a male dominated sport (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) Shantelle is well versed with smashing boundaries, breaking stereotypes and challenging the status-quo.

Shantelle is a powerful storyteller; an innate quality and ability that she has harnessed as a part of her cultural inheritance as an Aboriginal woman, and shares this skill with athletes and staff.

Ask us about working with Shantelle.

warwick merry

Presentation Skills

Warwick is an Internationally accredited Speaker, Master MC, Exhibiting Expert and Author who has a passion for developing and mentoring new talent in these fields.

Warwick brings a warm and witty style, a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through his successful business background and many years in the speaking industry, empowering athletes and staff with practical skills.

Ask us about working with Warwick.




Author of "Champions Are Made When the Stands are Empty", Joanne's coaching methods have influenced Australia’s leading athletes including a number of Olympic medallists and world record holders.

Joanne's unique approach draws upon years of educational knowledge and her psychological training, creating successful outcomes and practical mindset development for athletes and staff.

Ask us about working with Joanne.

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