How Brand Development Prepares Athletes for the Transition Out of Sport

How Brand Development Prepares Athletes for the Transition Out of Sport

It's an inevitable part of every athlete's journey: the transition into post-competition life. It can be a stressful and difficult time for athletes but thankfully, there's more support and research than ever before to help athletes navigate the transition period.

It might surprise you to learn that athlete brand development can also help support athletes in their transition out of sport.

Here are the top ways athlete brand development helps athletes prepare for and navigate their transition period.

Identity beyond "athlete"

Gone are the days when athletes were told to "just be athletes" and only focus their attention on sport.

For an athlete who has committed their life to sport, their "athlete identity" can never be taken away. However, it's important that athletes are able to embrace other interests, passions and values as part of their identity so that when the "athlete" part of their life is no longer at the forefront, they still have a strong self of self.

Athlete brand is all about embracing both your athlete identity and who you are as a person more broadly. Athlete's with great brands aren't "just athletes". They understand and are able to clearly communicate other parts of their identity using their interests, passions, values and how they want the world to remember them.

Through developing their brand, athletes are able to build a more well-rounded identity and be known for something beyond their athletic achievements. It can be as simple as embracing a hobby like painting. 

Building a strong network

Athlete brand development encourages athletes to share their story, interests and goals with the world. Our programs, get athletes to activate their brand for opportunities like sponsorship, speaking, social media, charity ambassadorships, career and more. Doing this, helps connect them with a strong network that they can rely on during and beyond sport. 

Athlete's are able to lean on the network they've developed through their brand activities during the transition period to help them with career, business, personal interests, continued charity work and more. It's one of the greatest assets they can build to help them in post-sport life.

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Business, career and entrepreneurial activities

As athletes enter the transition phase, they often ask themselves "what's next?" Through their brand development, they will have identified other goals and ambitions they want to focus on in life after sport. That might involve starting a business based on one of their passions, entering their dream career or continuing with their speaking or sponsorship activities. 

Brand development helps set athletes up for life after sport by getting them ready to leverage their brand to support their transition. 

Being known for something

By communicating and leveraging their brand, athletes are leaving behind a legacy that establishes how they want the world to see them. E.g. As an inspiring champion that advocated for a more inclusive sporting environment. 

That legacy will be carried with them into their life after sport. It will go with them into their career, business activities, personal life and any continued media or speaking they do. 

The final word

Preparing for the transition out of sport before it happens is one of the best ways to ease the stress of this phase in athlete life. Brand development is just one tool in supporting athletes at all stages of their career.

It's really all about setting them up with the tools they need to navigate a fulfilling and enjoyable journey!

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