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ECCO Think Tank

This event is now over. Here are some great ECCO resources for you to check-out!

We're bringing together innovative thinkers and doers to share insights and practical ideas that sport, business and Not-For-Profits can put into practise straight away. 

3 hours of short, to-the-point, inspiring & practical insights and ideas!

Each speaker will answer these questions in relation to their industry:

  1. What are the current issues.
  2. What are the current opportunities.
  3. What opportunities will exist post-COVID19.

This is a live online event, so please check your LOCAL timezone.

In Australia it's Thu 14 May (AEST 9am-12pm), in Canada and the USA it's Wed 13 May afternoon/evening depending on your location.

When you register it will automatically take this into account.

What Happens When Your Register

By registering for ECCO, you will receive:
- Event reminders (just enough...not too many!)
- Event access (3 hour online event)

- Workbook - Use for note taking and follow-on actions. This will be sent via email 1 week prior to the event.

After the Think Tank

- Post-event video library (of each speaker)
- Post-event fact sheets (on each topic).
- Opportunities to be featured in our post-event social media (we will invite you to submit your learnings and takeaways, and if selected we will feature you/your organisation!).



Welcome - Introduction by host, Vickie Saunders


Catherine Clarke - CEO, Netball Queensland

The professional sport perspective.


Brian Anthony Courtenay Lewis - President, Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee

Leading Keynote - Opportunities within Crisis'


James Walton - Deloitte South East Asia

The corporate perspective.


Craig Foster - Human Rights advocate

How social impact initiatives can help sport and business through this crisis.


Russell Reimer - President, Manifesto Sport Mgmt.

The sport business perspective.


5 min break - Glenn Paul presents a fun & uplifting advert


Zac Mostame - Real Estate Agent and Former refugee

An incredible, uplifting story of seeking and creating opportunity in the most unlikely places.


Tom Hall - National Manager, Game Plan — Canadian Olympic Committee

The amateur sport perspective.


Jeff Rosenblum - Co-President of Questus, Author and Documentary Filmmaker

Forward thinking advertising and marketing ideas and opportunities for sport, business and NFP's.


Liz Deep-Jones - Multi-media journalist, Consultant & Author

How sport, business and NFP's can engage & benefit from media coverage during and beyond the crisis.


James Begley - Founder, PickStar

The athlete perspective.


Close - Host Vickie Saunders


Vickie Saunders

Founder of The Brand Builders and passionate social impact leader.

Glenn Paul

Golf Pro, and lead consultant at The Brand Builders.


Catherine Clark

Queensland Netball's innovative and change-making CEO.

Brian Anthony Courtenay Lewis

Inspirational leader and President of the Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee.

Craig Foster

Former Socceroos captain, media presenter and human rights activist.

James Walton

Deloitte South East Asia's Clients & Markets Leader & Sports Business Group Leader.

Russell Reimer

 Manifesto founder and President, major event bid strategist and athlete management.

Zac Mostame

Real estate agent and inspirational former refugee who has survived  and thrived through creating opportunity.

Tom Hall

Olympic medalist and National Manager, Game Plan - Canadian Olympic Committee.

Jeff Rosenblum

Co-President of Questus, Author and Documentary Filmmaker.

Liz Deep-Jones

Multi-media journalist, Consultant & Author with a focus on current affairs and social news.

James Begley

Former AFL player and founder of PickStar, athlete booking agency.

This event is limited to 1000 participants, which sounds a lot...but this is online, global and we encourage you to register soon to avoid missing out!