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ECCO Think Tank Speaker Info

Thanks for being part a vital of this event which will help shape how we all get through this crisis. Together.

Everything you need to know. (as of 14/04/21. We will notify you of updates)

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This is the public event page: 

How to access the event on the day

We are going to set you up as a Presenter on the Zoom webinar. 

During the week of 20 April 2020 you will receive an email about this with the link to access the webinar. You will each have a unique access link.

We encourage you to click on the option (in that email) to save into your calendar as all the key event information will then be saved and you will have a booking in your calendar, with your access link to click on.

Getting ready for your session

If you don't already use Zoom, that's ok, you'll be able to access the web version via the link we send you.

Please join from your desktop or laptop computer (phones are ok, but need to be on landscape mode and on a tripod).

Please use headphones with a microphone so that you can hear us and we can all clearly hear you.

How long will you be speaking for and the format

Keynotes are 15 minutes.

Speaker sessions are 20 minutes. The format is interview style. 

Your session host will begin the interview with a brief introduction to you and then take you through the pre-arranged questions (see below). So expect to speak for around 15 minutes total.

The 4 questions you'll be answering

Unless you are one of our keynote speakers (which means your name is Brian, Craig, Zac or Liz!)... you will be answering these 4 questions in your session, related to your industry:

  • What are the current issues your industry is facing?
  • What are the current opportunities that your industry can connect with or create?
  • What opportunities for development, improvement and growth will exist post-COVID19?
  • What is one opportunity you have (on a personal level) connected with  or created during the crisis?

Confirm that you're happy with the information we're sharing.

We've sent you the following content pieces for your review/edits:

  • Social Media image (a graphic featuring you that we'll be using across social can share it too!).
  • Short Bio - 150 word bio that we've written 
  • 2 Photos (the ones in your social media image).

Please make sure you've given us any feedback, and provided any text changes/alternative photos.

What happens AFTER the event.

We're going to create some fantastic resources to share with you (which you can share of course!), the audience and on social media. We'll create Dropbox folder and send you the link to access everything with 48 hours of the event.

  • A video library - with individual video's of each of your sessions.
  • Tip Sheets for each session(PDF) - Taking the highlights and advice. Will include your name and social media links.
  • Social media images - Images with your name, organisation a great quote from your session.
  • Embracing the Think Tank concept, we'll also get the audience to contribute quotes and learnings that they gained and use these in social media images and posts....we'll be sure to tag you when you are mentioned/quoted.

Sharing this event on social and with colleagues, staff and friends.

We would LOVE for you to share this event:

  • Share the link to our event page:
  • Use the graphics below (and/or the personalised one we send you). Right click to save to your device.
  • Tag us if you like... you'll find us as The Brand Builders on all platforms.
  • We'll tag you in some of our posts too, so feel free to share these.

If you've got any other questions, ideas or suggestions please get in touch

You can contact our event organiser, Vickie Saunders, at or phone +61 468 601 717

Here's the Agenda and Speaker lineup as per the event page:



Welcome - Introduction by host, Vickie Saunders


Catherine Clarke - CEO, Netball Queensland

The professional sport perspective.


Brian Anthony Courtenay Lewis - President, Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee

Leading Keynote - Opportunities within Crisis'


James Walton - Deloitte South East Asia

The corporate perspective.


Craig Foster - Human Rights advocate

How social impact initiatives can help sport and business through this crisis.


Russell Reimer - President, Manifesto Sport Mgmt.

The sport business perspective.


5 min break - Glenn Paul presents a fun & uplifting advert


Zac Mostame - Real Estate Agent and Former refugee

An incredible, uplifting story of seeking and creating opportunity in the most unlikely places.


Tom Hall - National Manager, Game Plan — Canadian Olympic Committee

The amateur sport perspective.


Jeff Rosenblum - Co-President of Questus, Authoer and Documentary Filmmaker

Forward thinking advertising and marketing ideas and opportunities for sport, business and NFP's.


Liz Deep-Jones - Multi-media journalist, Consultant & Author

How sport, business and NFP's can engage & benefit from media coverage during and beyond the crisis.


James Begley - Founder, PickStar

The athlete perspective.


Close - Host Vickie Saunders


Vickie Saunders

Founder of The Brand Builders and passionate social impact leader.

Glenn Paul

Golf Pro, and lead consultant at The Brand Builders.


Catherine Clark

Queensland Netball's innovative and change-making CEO.

Brian Anthony Courtenay Lewis

Queensland Netball's innovative and change-making CEO.

Craig Foster

Former Socceroos captain, media presenter and human rights activist.

James Walton

Deloitte South East Asia's Clients & Markets Leader & Sports Business Group Leader.

Zac Mostame

Real estate agent and inspirational former refugee who has survived  and thrived through creating opportunity.

Russell Reimer

 Manifesto founder and President, major event bid strategist and athlete management.

Tom Hall

Olympic medalist and National Manager, Game Plan - Canadian Olympic Committee.

Jeff Rosenblum

Co-President of Questus, Author and Documentary Filmmaker.

Liz Deep-Jones

Multi-media journalist, Consultant & Author with a focus on current affairs and social news.

James Begley

Former AFL player and founder of PickStar, athlete booking agency.

This event is limited to 1000 participants, which sounds a lot...but this is online, global and we encourage you to register soon to avoid missing out!