Events and Program Curriculum

This is your go-to spot to for a birds-eye-view of the program curriculum and the events calendar for the year.

 As new content topics, modules and events are released, we will update them here.

Events Calendar

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September Events
  • 3rd September 7pm PST – Live Session "Student Onboarding."
  • 13th September 7pm PST – Live Masterclass "How to Create a Sponsorship Pitch Deck". 

Program Curriculum 

Athletes are free to navigate the educational content in the app in any way they like. However, the way the content in the app is structured, does provide them with a linear roadmap they can navigate (if they choose). Athletes can start with Build Your Athlete Brand and progress to the final Toolbox Topic, Create Social Impact. This structure is only a guide, but it's there if athletes need or want it. 

Need to take a birds-eye-view at what's included in the program and the app? Check out the program curriculum below.

1. Understanding Athlete Brand

  • What is 'Athlete Brand'
  • Why Your Brand is an Asset
  • Athletes With Great Brands
  • 2. Identify Your Unique Brand

  • Identify Your Brand
  • Creating a Vision for Your Brand
  • Athlete Brand Audit
  • 3. Communicate Your Brand

  • Where to Communicate Your Brand
  • How to Communicate Your Brand
  • 5 Athletes Actively Communicating Their Brand
  • 4. Leverage Your Brand

  • How to Leverage Your Brand
  • Top Tips for Leveraging Your Brand
  • 5 Athletes Who Have Leveraged Their Brand
  • 1. Understanding Social Media

    • Understanding the Power of Social Media
    • Meet the Platforms
    • What's Trending in 2024
    • 5 Athletes Who Have Mastered Social Media

    2. Creating Content

    • How to Create Content
    • Where to Find Content Ideas
    • 20 Engaging Content Ideas
    • How to Create Sponsored Content

    3. Creating a Strategy

  • Why You Need a Strategy
  • How to Create a Strategy
  • How to Action Your Strategy
  • 4. Engaging Your Audience

  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Top Techniques to Boost Engagement
  • Using Content to Engage Your Audience
  • 5. Growing Your Audience

    • Top Techniques for Growth
    • Collaborating for Growth
    • High-Visibility Periods
    • Creating Searchable Content
    • How to Leverage Offline Activities for Growth
    • Hashtags

    1. NIL Essentials

  • NIL Compliance
  • The Types of Opportunities
  • How and Where to Find NIL Opportunities
  • 2. Using Marketplace Platforms

    • Understanding Collectives
    • How to Leverage Your Social Media for NIL
    • Merchandise
    • Appearances

    3. Create NIL Opportunities

    • What to Offer and What to Charge
    • How to Stand Out 
    • Writing a Winning Profile

    4. Other NIL Opportunities

  • Where to Find Opportunities
  • What You Can Offer
  • The Resources You Need to Create
  • 5. Increasing Your NIL Value

    • Leveraging and Preparing Your Digital Presence
    • How to Develop Commercially Valuable Skills
    • The Power of Networking
    • Building Your Profile

    1. Build Your Network

  • Prepare for Networking
  • Where to Network
  • Creating an Elevator Pitch
  • Attending Networking Events
  • Keeping Track of Your Network
  • 2. Build Your Profile

  • How to Grow Your Profile
  • How to Become Known for Something
  • Manage Your Reputation
  • 3. Leverage Your Network

  • Carry Your Message
  • Connect With Opportunities
  • Introductions, Referrals and Testimonials
  • 1. Understanding the Industry

    • What Businesses and Events Look for in a Speaker
    • 5 Examples of Athletes Who Have Built Their Own Speaking Business
    • How Your Skills, Story and Athlete Insights Can Help You Be a Great Speaker

    2. Prepare to Become a Speaker

    • How to Create a Speaker Strategy and Action Plan
    • What to Charge as a Speaker
    • How to Get Started as a Speaker With No Experience

    3. Promotion

    • Why You Need to Develop a Promotion and Marketing Strategy
    • How to Promote and Market Yourself as a Speaker
    • The Marketing Resources You Need to Create
    • 5 Athletes Who Are Great at Promoting Their Speaking

    3. Increase Your Speaking

    • How to Increase Your Offer
    • How to Grow Your Profile and Reputation as a Speaker
    • How to Leverage Your Speaking Work to Build Your Speaking Career During and Beyond Sport

    1. How to Carry a Message

  • How to Choose a Cause
  • How to Craft a Message
  • Considering the Impact of Your Message
  • 2. How to Be an Ambassador

  • How to Choose a Cause
  • How to Be a Great Ambassador
  • How to Align Their Message to Yours
  • 3. How to Create Social Impact

  • Leading Your Own Social Impact Initiative