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Picture of Glenn Paul on a gold course

Glenn Paul, Pro Golfer, on Brand & Sponsorship

Glenn Paul is a Professional Golfer, Coach, Mentor and Presenter for the PGA of Australia. He has a passion for educating and supporting the development of athletes.

Glenn has a plethora of interesting stories and insights about brand and sponsorship. 

We believe that athletes, as the ones doing the hard yards, have a wealth of knowledge to share with the world about brand and sponsorship. That’s why we’ve brought in one of our team, Glenn Paul, to talk about brand and sponsorship from the athlete’s perspective.

We sat down to discuss how Glenn’s approach has changed over the years and the advice he’d give to other athletes.

Hi Glenn, can you please tell us about yourself and your career so far. What’s been a highlight in your athletic career? 

Glenn Paul: I’m a Professional Golfer and have been playing and coaching since 2005. My career has had its ups and downs, like any professional athlete. In saying that though, I’ve been able to travel the world playing tournament golf and also had the opportunity to coach some amazing individuals in Australia and the US.

The highlight of my career so far was being based at Pinehurst Golf Resort when I was playing in the US in 2008. This was where my idol, Payne Stewart won the 1999 US Open so it was a privilege to walk the same fairways that he did every day. Pinehurst is considered the “Home of Golf” in the US and it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Can you tell us about how your sponsorship and athlete brand journey has developed over the years? What’s a sponsorship or brand highlight that sticks out? 

Glenn Paul: The biggest thing that has developed over the years is my approach to sponsorship. Having a better process for targeting and approaching sponsors has allowed me to provide greater value rather than looking for donations and sticking logos over my clothing and equipment.

The highlight that sticks out is going through the process of identifying my brand. It has allowed me to create a message that I truly believe in and has opened up some incredible new opportunities for me to leverage it.

What’s the number one thing you think athletes should know about brand and sponsorship? 

Glenn Paul: The number one thing that I think athletes need to know is that identifying their brand will make the process of engaging sponsors so much easier. Also, believing that they’re good enough to be sponsored regardless of their results.

Picture of Brand and Sponsorship expert, Glenn Paul and a child. Child is holding a glove signed by Glenn.

What piece of advice would you give to yourself ten years ago on sponsorship and brand? 

Glenn Paul: Easy…stop offering tiered sponsorship packages that focus on logo placement! Even early in my career I had so much more value I was able to offer, so focusing on value exchange rather than where a logo was going to be visible.

What piece of advice would you give athletes seeking sponsorship? 

Glenn Paul: There is more than enough sponsorship out there to go around. Know your values, do your research, make sure that you target sponsors who align with your own brand and if they don’t, it’s not always best to say yes to every opportunity!

In what ways has your sponsorship and brand journey impacted your life on a personal level? 

Glenn Paul: On a personal level, my journey has provided me with clarity and allowed me to assess opportunities based on whether they align with my brand. My current partnerships with sponsors have given me the opportunity to travel with them domestically and internationally, strengthening our relationship.

Picture of Athlete Brand and Sponsorship Expert Glenn Paul and group of people. Glenn is holding a sign that reads 'Empower Golf Australia'.

What life lessons has sponsorship and brand taught you? 

Glenn Paul: The one that stands out the most is that it’s ok to say no to an opportunity. As a new Dad, my family comes first so I’ve learnt to become comfortable with turning down an offer or opportunity just because it seems great short-term.

What’s your favourite sponsorship myth? 

Glenn Paul: My favourite myth would be that someone isn’t good enough to be sponsored. Having strong results may be an important element to some businesses, but there are plenty more out there where they aren’t. All athletes have such unique value to offer so knowing what that is and being able to deliver that can be more valuable than their results.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Glenn for sitting down with us and giving up some of his time to chat brand and sponsorship. If you want to read more interviews like these, you can sign up to our newsletter, The Athlete Brand and Sponsorship Weekly.

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