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A Simple Guide To Creating Purposeful & Engaging Content

In the latest installment in The Athlete Pathway Webinar series, we explored how athletes can create purposeful and engaging content that brings their brand to life. You can watch the webinar here if you missed it live. 

During the webinar, host Charlotte Woods debunked the myth that there is a 'perfect' formula athletes have to follow for content creation. So what's the best tool an athlete has in their social media toolkit? Their Athlete Brand

Their Athlete Brand (passions, interests, values, message) provides a treasure chest of authentic and engaging content ideas. Here's why we love content that is guided by an athlete's brand.

When athletes use their brand to guide what they post...

They are creating an authentic online world that tells their amazing story. They will also create a community of engaged followers who are interested in all aspects of their journey. This kind of community is great for athletes who want to build a long term following.

Content that is guided by their athlete brand is purposeful...

It's lead by their vision and values, their passions and interests and holds meaning beyond 'likes, clicks and follows'. It means they can be advocates and ambassadors for topics or brands they are passionate about. 

By using their brand to guide what they post...

Athletes are able to create compelling, engaging content. It is a unique reflection of who they are, so it won't be the same content any other athlete is sharing. Social media is ready and willing to embrace athletes who step outside of the box. 

Content that is inspired by their brand will never go out of style...

 They won't need to create a new online persona each time the trending formula changes. It also helps relieve some of the pressure to create 'perfect' content. And it means they're more likely to enjoy content creation and post consistently.

Don't forget to register for The Athlete Pathway Webinar series. We have three more webinars in the series coming up on presentation skills, mindset and storytelling. Register here.

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Charlotte is passionate about helping athletes succeed on their athlete sponsorship and brand journey. Curating and managing the online community of athletes who seek information about sponsorship and brand, she offers support, guidance and creative ideas for athletes of all types and abilities around the world. She is the co-author of The Athlete Brand.

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