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3 Creative Sponsorship Benefits for Sports Clubs

How Many People Consider Themselves To Be Creative?

We know a lot who don’t because they associate creativity with art…..when really it’s about finding alternative solutions and looking at things differently. 

It’s problem solving. It’s being able to come up with a unique solution. And sometimes it can be the simplest of solutions — simple really is often the best option. 

So many sports club sponsorship managers (who may or may not have experience and skills in this area) are responsible not only for managing and developing current sponsors, but for identifying and engaging new ones. One of the biggest struggles they face is coming up with new and creative ways that the club can offer their sponsors real value. 

The problem is, if we are told to be creative, many of us feel pressure and face a complete mental block. This is often because  we are trying to achieve a specific outcome using both the left (logic) and the right (creative) side of our brain at the same time and this just doesn’t work. 

We get much better results (and less headaches) when we use each side in isolation….in a way that allows us to explore ideas and then be analytical (such as mindmapping). 

Heston Blumenthal, an incredible chef whose work is a combination of science, gastronomy, art and passion, says that “When we start to measure creativity, we KILL creativity!”. 

So, in the process of finding ways to offer value to our current and potential sponsors, there is often a focus on measurable outcomes rather than the exploration of creative activations. 

By exploring options, opportunities and ideas without measure or limitation, we are able to identify a broader range of options, from which we can then apply logic and objective thinking, to achieve the measurable outcomes that sponsorship needs. 

As consultants and educators, one of the greatest gifts we can give our clients is to help them think differently. We believe the best way to do that is to give them examples, let them explore existing ideas, and from there they will start to generate their own ideas. 

Over the years we’ve created a list of 50 Creative Sponsorship Ideas…..and these are 3 of our favourites. These are really simple explanations, and the benefits go beyond what is listed…but, keeping it simple is our focus, so we've picked out the highlights for you.

These are really just the tip of the iceberg...and a small part of the overall engagement of sponsorship for sports clubs. 

Starting with creativity really opens up your opportunities and options, and allows for the start or development of really meaningful, valuable and sustainable relationships with sponsors! 

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