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Content ideas every athletes will love

10 Compelling Content Ideas Athletes Will Love

We've compiled 10 compelling content ideas for athletes to add to their social media plan.

Whether you're stuck in an inspiration rut, looking to mix-up your content strategy or you're an advisor looking to support your athlete's online journey, you're going to love these fun and engaging post ideas!

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10 Compelling Content Ideas You'll Want To Share Immediately

  • Start a collaborative series with other athletes (or people) you love. E.g. an interview series about gender equity in your sport or a mini 'cooking show' where you test each other's favourite recipes.
  • A fun fact about your sport that people probably don’t know. E.g. XX % of competitive runners don’t start running until they’re XX years old.
  • Share the values, skills and lessons being an athlete has taught you. How can they be applied to everyday life/used by people who aren't athletes?
  • What do you wish people knew about the life of an athlete in your sport? Do you feel there are misconceptions floating around about what athlete life is really like? Try and keep it positive by throwing in some fun things you get to do as an athlete that people aren’t aware of.
  • Give thanks! Share your appreciation for the people who help make what you do possible. E.g. parents, your partner, friends, coaches and sponsors.
  • Your favourite post exercise meal/snack (or an indulgent dessert you are obsessed with).
  • Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Or are you really good at making a meal out of nothing? Share your latest food creations and recipes.
  • Post about your passions and interests outside of sport. You don't have to always post content related to sport. Mix-up your content by sharing about all areas of your life.
  • Who are your roles models in life and in sport? What lessons have they taught you and how have they inspired you?
  • Have you ever had a big low in sport? E.g. an injury, a competition result you didn’t expect. How did you navigate that situation? What did you learn? And what advice would you give to others?

Have you got an awesome content idea you'd like to share with us? You can reach us at hello@thebrandbuilders.com.au.

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